Installing VMware View client on Ubuntu Linux 10.04 and 10.10

Version 1.3 of the VMware View client is available on Ubuntu Linux.

In order to download and install the package, you have to enable packages from "Canonical Partners". On Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10, launch Synaptic Package Manager. Click on the "Other Software" tab. Click on "Canonical Partners" to select the archive for software that Canonical packages for their partners. See screenshot.

Click on "Close" and follow the instructions to update the package list.

In the "Quick Search" of the Synaptic Package Manager, type in "vmware". You will now see the vmware-view-client package. Note that this is different from the vmware-view-open-client which is an independent package that is very old.

Click on the check box next to "vmware-view-client" and select "Mark for Installation". Then click on "Apply" in the toolbar. See the second screenshot.

This will install the VMware View client.

To launch the client, go to "Applications -> Internet -> VMware View Client".

And voila!

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