Input Audio/Microphone data to VM using PCoIP

VMware View Client version: 1.6.0 (Linux)

VMware View Client build: 844387

OS Platform: Ubuntu Lucid 10.04

Kernel: 2.6.32-33

I am having some issues getting the microphone input from the client machine (Ubuntu) through to the VM as PCoIP traffic. I can achieve audio pass-through just fine using USB redirection. However the quality is quite poor therefore getting the audio traffic transferred using PCoIP by the View client will make it possible with a client/server configuration to manipulate the bandwidth and hence control to some extent the audio quality.

I'm guessing there are two key factors in achieving PCoIP audio data on client machine and have that data delivered to the VM:

1. Teradici Virtual Audio Driver

     The Teradici driver that comes by default with the client appears to require some additional driver support to handle bi-directional audio traffic.

2. PCoIP Host Cards

Clearly as you have already idenitied I am no vmware view expert. I need some confirmation if bi-directional audio traffic is possible using PCoIP with Ubuntu (Linux)?

If it is possible (as its not currently working for me) what factors do I need to consider to get this working on Linux.

I patiently await feedback... Thanks in advance.....

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Don't know if this helps but here is a snippet of what is on Teradici's support site: Notice the note for Linux under the supported clients.

Teradici Virtual Audio Driver 1.1.0 Release Details (15134-770)

The Teradici Virtual Audio Driver 1.1.0 is a maintenance release. The Teradici's  virtual audio driver provides bi-directional analog audio support for  virtual desktops using PCoIP Software such as VMware View. This is  intended to provide analog recording and dictation support for virtual  desktops. The driver comes as a component within the PCoIP Component  Installer.

Release Details:

  • There a no new features in this release.

Compatibility Notes:

Only runs on systems with the VMware View Agent 4.5 or newer

  • Is verified on the following virtual desktop OS:  
    • Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit
    • Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit
    • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit  
  • Works with the following clients:
    • PCoIP Zero Clients with firmware 3.2.x or newer (for a list of clients see http://www.teradici.com/pcoip/pcoip-products/product-search-results.php  )
    • Windows-based VMware View 4.5 or newer clients with audio enabled
    • Note Linux-based VMware View Clients support audio output, but do  not support analog audio input (this requires audio input support in the  View Linux client, please contact VMware if you are interested in this  capability).

The PCoIP component installer includes:

  • Teradici virtual audio driver
    • WHQL signed driver that provides additional functionality of analog audio input on the client.
    • This driver supersedes the VMware Virtual Audio Driver (DevTap) that is provided with the VMware View 4.5 (or newer) installer.
    • This is for installations on VMware View virtual machines only (not for installation on VMware View Clients)

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixes a problem where the audio playback stops after some time (i.e. 1 to 2 days)
  • Fixed blue screen observed on Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) desktops  when playing a YouTube video (with sound) and muting the microphone  input.
  • Fixed audio-video lip synchronization drift over time on Windows 7 desktops.

Known Issues:

  • There are currently no known issues.

* Note Linux-based VMware View Clients support audio output, but do  not support analog audio input (this requires audio input support in the  View Linux client, please contact VMware if you are interested in this  capability).

I can confirm that VMware Viev Client for Linux doeant privide analog audio input.

I have installed Teradici Audio Driver 1.1.0 build 10277 (Mar 2012) on windows7 VM and connect it via View Client that installed on my openSUSE 12.

I can see in win7 both audio devices from Teradici - Speakers and Microphone but Microphone doesnt work ..1.png2.png

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how to resolve this issue ?

I really need to enable analog audio input under linux PCoIP client..

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Sorry for my lack of updates on this... However after speaking with our contact from VMWare (as you have stated Gadina) the Linux View client doesn't support analogue audio on the Linux Platform, and they have not stated when or if they intend to support it. Therefore getting audio input to work using PCoIP for now isn't possible. And the audio quality using USB redirect just isn't good enough.

Should I get this working I will update this forum, or should you get it working please do keep me updated...

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I see that this is an older post, but I am having a similar problem.  I am using a C50LE with SUSE Linux as the base OS and Windows 7 32 bit as the virtual OS.  When I connect a USB audio, the quality is very poor through the virtual OS.  However, when I try the USB audio through the thin client itself, everything is just fine.  I wasn't sure if you ever found a solution to your problem; maybe it would help me find one to mine.  Was there ever an update that fixed this?

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