Horizon 7.2: linked clones pool not created


I work with automatic pool of VMs (linked clones). I use this for more than 2 years now with no problem, but since sunday when I want to create a new pool of VMs, the directory where my VMs will be created is created, but that's all, it remains empty. No VMs created, no errors message, no task running. Nothing.

Even in Vsphere, I cannot see my master being cloned as it should be normally.

I've checked my composer server everything is ok, I try to reboot it with no effect.

I had a problem before that on one of my datastore that has some corrupted path on it (due to a major power failure on my SAN), but it has been solved and had no effect on recreating pools of VMs (this problem happens on november, and I've recomposed a pool last week).

I still have a working pool with all my users on it, this pool is working well and VMs are actualizing after every deconnexion with no problem, so I think my composer is not the problem.

I don't understand where the problem is, any idea ?


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