Tips and Techniques for the Apple Silicon Tech Preview 22H2

Tips and Techniques for the Apple Silicon Tech Preview 22H2

Latest update: Version 4 - 15-August-2022

Changes in this revision

  • info on a potential workaround to audio problems 
  • addition of a procedure to install OpenSUSE Leap 15.4
  • Adding a tip on modifying the Ubuntu boot process so the GRUB boot menu always appears (very useful)
  • Updated procedure to upgrade Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS to the recently released 22.04.1 LTS
  • Warnings on attempting to install a Ubuntu 5.19.x mainline kernel on 20.04.4 LTS

This document is designed as an unofficial companion to the 22H2 Tech Preview Testing Guide. It is a collection of issues and solutions reported to the Tech Preview Discussions forum. It's an "all in one place" collection so you don't have to go searching through multiple threads to find common (and not-so-common) helpful hints.

Content in this document is specific to the 22H2 Tech Preview running on Apple Silicon. The 21H1 Tech Preview and 22H2 Tech Preview running on Intel Macs are out of scope for this document.

This document contains hyperlinks to external web sites. It is best viewed with Adobe Reader, but should be readable by any other PDF reader. Of course it can be printed for reference.

Thanks to all of the community members that have contributed their knowledge to the community. Without their contributions, this document would not have been possible or as extensive.




I'm attempting to install Windows 11 on Fusion on a MACBOOK Pro. Windows is bUnfoooting but tells me that my hardware is incompatible with Windows 11.  Only this I can see that is a potential issue is the Directx 12 support. Any way to get around this? Could it be misleading? I have the Intel processor. I'm on a Multihull boat and need to run a Windows app to see & configure MasterVolt electronics, so important. Unfortunately I bought the OS already.


[ image removed by moderator: please re-upload after removing your serial number]



That's regular Fusion for Intel-based Macs, not the Fusion Tech Preview for Macs using Apple processors.

You need to create a post here:


On another note: do not post a screen shot of your macOS host with the serial number in it. That's sensitive information which should never be shared in public.


This document is fantastic... thank you for contributing!

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