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"Failed to connect" Reverse Proxy with ESX Embedded Host 6.0

I'm running ESX 6.0 update 2 and am trying to run the ESXi Embedded client behind an IIS reverse proxy (https://esx-host/ui/). With the reverse proxy, all is well, except that the Console functionality does not work, I receive a "failed to connect" notice. If I try to run the VMRC client instead, I get a 404 error. I've seen solutions were modifying VMRC settings could resolve the issue, but I cannot find where the vrmc settings would be on the ESXi host. The console works fine if I access the embedded client by IP or with the actual host name (without the reverse proxy). Again, I'm running just the ESX embedded host, not vCenter. Anybody know where or what setting I need to adjust on the ESX host to get Console working in the Embedded client (with IIS reverse proxy)?

I attached what I'm seeing. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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