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how to creat VFAT scratch partition on the USB device where ESXi 5 boot

We all know esxi5 will creat a 4GB VFAT scratch partition on local hard disk,totaly use about 5GB space,but if the host only have a 8GB usb disk for install the esxi5, you will found only 1.13G have used, the scratch will use memory, even there is enough space on the usb disk,but no 4GB VFAT partition created,so when the esxi crash, it must use memory to dump;so I want creat the VFAT partition, any one know how?

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1 Use the vSphere Client to connect to the host.

2 Select the host in the Inventory.

3 In the

Configuration tab, select Software > Advanced Settings > ScratchConfig.

The field

ScratchConfig.CurrentScratchLocation shows the current location of the scratch partition.

4 In the field

ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation, enter a directory path that is unique for this host.

5 Reboot the host for the changes to take effect.




Here are two examples where scratch space may not be automatically defined on persistent storage. In each case, the temporary scratch location will be configured on a ramdisk.

  1. ESXi deployed on a Flash or SD device, including a USB key. Scratch partitions are not created on Flash or SD storage devices even if connected during install, due to the potentially limited read/write cycles available.

  2. ESXi deployed in a Boot from SAN configuration or to a SAS device. A Boot from SAN or SAS LUN is considered Remote, and could potentially be shared among multiple ESXi hosts. Remote devices are not used for scratch to avoid collisions between multiple ESXi hosts.

Refer the below KB:-


Thanks & Regards Dharshan S VCP 4.0,VTSP 5.0, VCP 5.0
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