adding cpu's to existing server

i have a exchange server 2010 running on a 2008 r2 server.  its running at 100% for both memory and cpu.  right now i have 2 processors and 12GB of memory running.  i read one time that exchange 2010 will take every bit of memory no mateer how much you throw at it.  my question is about adding processors.  there is a warning under the edit settings about adding processors can make your server unstable after OS is installed.  is this true and what doi do to add more?  right now i have 2 processors with only 1 core.  i was thinking of adding another core and maybe 2 more processors? 

what can i do and not kill my system?



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That warning is more directed to older operating systems where you had to make changes such replacing the HAL before being able to move from a single CPU to multiple CPUs. With WIndows 2008 you do not have to worry about. You alread

The way you describe you VM cinfugration you have two options to additional vCPUs or add more cores to the existing vCPUs = both will wrok fine and provide mor CPU cycles to the VM.

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  1. Shutdown the VM
  2. Take a snapshot/backup of the VM just in case anything goes wrong.
  3. In the virtual machine manager add a second CPU (This step will vary depending on the virtualization technology used)
  4. Turn the VM back on (The VM should boot up without any problems albeit with one CPU)
  5. Go to the Device Manager
    1. Expand Computer
    2. Right click ACPI Uniprocessor PC (the actual name may be slightly different) and click  Update Driver
    3. If it asks to search the internet for drivers select Yes
    4. Select Install from a list or specific location
      1. Click Next
    5. Select Don’t search.  I will choose the driver to install
      1. Click Next
    6. Select ACPI Multiprocessor PC
      1. Click Next
    7. Finish the wizard
  6. Reboot the VM
    1. Once the VM is back up there should be two CPUs visible in the Task Manager