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ESXi 5.5 passthrough Intel Patsburg 4-Port SATA Storage Control Unit

I am currently having difficulties with ESXi 5.5, in passing a Storage Controller to a virtual machine (VM).


ESXi started from USB flash disk

Motherboard  - Intel Server Board S2600CP (C602 chipset)

CPU - Intel Xeon Processor E5-2620 (15M Cache, 2.00 GHz)  x 2

DDR3 64Gb = 16384Mb 1600MHz Crucial (CT16G3ERSLD4160B) ECC Reg RTL x 4

HDD SSD 480 Gb connected to Patsburg 6 Port SATA ACHI Controller


Second on board SATA Storage controller doesn't present in ESXi but it's OK.


Patsburg 4-Port SATA Storage Control Unit doesn't have drivers for ESXi 5.5 http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/CS-033235.htm

I create VM with operating system Solaris from the operating system compatibility list.


But VM can not start with passing a Storage Controller.


# dmesg |grep 06:00.0

0:00:00:08.420 cpu0:32768)PCI: 447: 06:00.0: PCIe v2 PCI Express Endpoint

0:00:00:08.420 cpu0:32768)PCI: 206: 0000:06:00.0: Found Advanced Error Reporting support

0:00:00:08.420 cpu0:32768)PCI: 206: 0000:06:00.0: Found Alternative Routing-ID Interpretation support

0:00:00:08.420 cpu0:32768)PCI: 206: 0000:06:00.0: Found Single Root I/O Virtualization support

0:00:00:08.420 cpu0:32768)PCI: 382: 06:00.0: PCIe v2 PCI Express Endpoint

0:00:00:08.421 cpu0:32768)PCI: 1269: 0000:06:00.0 8086:1d6b 8086:357f discovered

0:00:00:08.421 cpu0:32768)PCI: 953: Add device: 0000:06:00.0

0:00:00:08.421 cpu0:32768)PCI: 998: 0000:06:00.0 8086:1d6b 8086:357f added

2014-09-04T15:48:26.826Z cpu15:33317)PCI: 655: 0000:06:00.0 to 3

2014-09-04T15:48:28.225Z cpu4:33441)PCI: 1095: 0000:06:00.0 named 'vmhba1' (was '')

2014-09-04T15:48:28.759Z cpu4:33441)PCIPassthru: PCIPassthruAttachDev:182: Attached to PCI device at 0000:06:00.0

2014-09-04T15:48:28.759Z cpu4:33441)PCIPassthru: PCIPassthruStartDev:320: Received start request for PCI device at 0000:06:00.0

2014-09-04T15:48:28.759Z cpu4:33441)PCIPassthru: PCIPassthruScanDev:224: Received scan request for PCI device at 0000:06:00.0

2014-09-04T16:06:00.010Z cpu7:34191)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-16ce maps to vmkernel opID d0de3636

2014-09-04T17:06:00.013Z cpu15:34838)World: 14296: VC opID EF405496-00000275 maps to vmkernel opID e6196769

2014-09-04T18:06:00.008Z cpu6:34242)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-b8b0 maps to vmkernel opID 69906aac

2014-09-04T19:06:00.010Z cpu22:34841)World: 14296: VC opID 1e4892af-9a maps to vmkernel opID debdbf47

2014-09-04T20:06:00.011Z cpu2:34193)World: 14296: VC opID EF405496-0000078D maps to vmkernel opID 4dcff7fb

2014-09-04T21:06:00.009Z cpu10:34241)World: 14296: VC opID EF405496-00000940 maps to vmkernel opID 2a347262

2014-09-04T22:06:00.009Z cpu14:34842)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-6121 maps to vmkernel opID 1ab11b11

2014-09-04T23:06:00.009Z cpu15:34829)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-e7d5 maps to vmkernel opID 6ebfa4cc

2014-09-05T00:06:00.011Z cpu21:34193)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-be6b maps to vmkernel opID 99ee3096

2014-09-05T01:06:00.010Z cpu2:34829)World: 14296: VC opID EF405496-00001012 maps to vmkernel opID 66a353f9

2014-09-05T02:06:00.012Z cpu2:34837)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-a53c maps to vmkernel opID 7ad30f34

2014-09-05T03:06:00.010Z cpu10:34842)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-d26f maps to vmkernel opID 5604ae98

2014-09-05T04:06:00.008Z cpu18:34837)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-fed2 maps to vmkernel opID f83f3d23

2014-09-05T05:06:00.012Z cpu2:34828)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-2775 maps to vmkernel opID e40ab870

2014-09-05T06:00:00.008Z cpu19:34836)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-bce6 maps to vmkernel opID 8fe6ad32

2014-09-05T06:00:01.815Z cpu3:34842)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-82cf maps to vmkernel opID 916caf4b

2014-09-05T06:06:00.011Z cpu17:34841)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-281f maps to vmkernel opID 99e69ca4

2014-09-05T07:06:00.010Z cpu22:34841)World: 14296: VC opID EF405496-00001A45 maps to vmkernel opID 259b6f0c

2014-09-05T08:06:00.012Z cpu10:34837)World: 14296: VC opID EF405496-00001BF5 maps to vmkernel opID 799a6e5

2014-09-05T09:06:00.009Z cpu1:34837)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-053b maps to vmkernel opID 96d29143

2014-09-05T10:06:00.006Z cpu10:34837)World: 14296: VC opID EF405496-00001F55 maps to vmkernel opID 72fbfc70

2014-09-05T11:06:00.010Z cpu18:34841)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-bf0d maps to vmkernel opID c8d6bac8

2014-09-05T13:06:00.012Z cpu17:34836)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-9847 maps to vmkernel opID c2fe68a0

2014-09-05T14:06:00.010Z cpu5:34828)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-214e maps to vmkernel opID e333d5c9

2014-09-05T14:45:49.318Z cpu0:32858)WARNING: IOMMU: 1978: Unable to unset device 06:00.0 since it hasn't been set.

2014-09-05T14:45:58.487Z cpu15:32857)WARNING: IOMMU: 1978: Unable to unset device 06:00.0 since it hasn't been set.

2014-09-05T14:47:51.360Z cpu7:32856)WARNING: IOMMU: 1978: Unable to unset device 06:00.0 since it hasn't been set.

2014-09-05T14:52:01.980Z cpu0:32856)WARNING: IOMMU: 1978: Unable to unset device 06:00.0 since it hasn't been set.

2014-09-05T15:06:00.008Z cpu20:34829)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-f02e maps to vmkernel opID 62a9100d

2014-09-05T15:43:17.055Z cpu18:32856)WARNING: IOMMU: 1978: Unable to unset device 06:00.0 since it hasn't been set.

2014-09-05T15:56:42.327Z cpu22:32856)WARNING: IOMMU: 1978: Unable to unset device 06:00.0 since it hasn't been set.

2014-09-05T15:58:59.653Z cpu14:32856)WARNING: IOMMU: 1978: Unable to unset device 06:00.0 since it hasn't been set.

2014-09-05T16:06:00.013Z cpu3:34837)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-25a9 maps to vmkernel opID de978e31

2014-09-05T17:06:00.007Z cpu2:34193)World: 14296: VC opID EF405496-00002BCF maps to vmkernel opID 516bf8e2

2014-09-05T18:06:00.008Z cpu21:34842)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-311f maps to vmkernel opID 26a35105

2014-09-05T19:06:00.007Z cpu13:34837)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-46a6 maps to vmkernel opID 3b1b8a45

2014-09-05T20:06:00.007Z cpu15:34192)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-9213 maps to vmkernel opID a54d8450

2014-09-05T21:06:00.006Z cpu2:34841)World: 14296: VC opID hostd-9300 maps to vmkernel opID 8826c44a

BIOS settings for this controller is "Intel RSTe"




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I have found answer for myself. It's probably, SCU device cannot be passthroughed because it is already under two switches.

More details in the picture.



We had to go back to Vmware ESXi 5.1U2 in order for Vmware environment to have the drivers for the patsburg passthrough.

We also found that ESXi v6.0 seems to work for us as well.

However, we are now in the same boat with the new Wellsburg chipset.  It is marked as "not eligible" for passthrough.  sigh

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Any updates to this issue? I have an Intel s2600IP4 motherboard which has dual 4 SAS port Patsburg controller which I am trying to passthrough to ESXI 6.0 u2.

I changed to "enhanced" as suggested in the bios but the VM still does not start up.  Are the SMI bus controllers also needed to be passthrough as well for this to work?

Much thanks

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Have a success with ESXI 6.0 u2 on my Intel s2600cp. Guest FreeNAS can  see all disks on dual 4 SAS port Patsburg with enabled passthrough mode. It happens after a week of fighting with the case discribed at this topic. You should try to disable option "MMIO above 4GB" in BIOS and check "VT-d" enabled. Also pay attention at firmware of mainboard. It must be up to date.


Thank you very much!

"disable option "MMIO above 4GB" in BIOS" was the winner for me!

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