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Hi Guys, We had an issue where we our RAID 5 array went crazy. Lucky using the dell controllers import function the Virtual Disk came back up again and detect all the drives. For some reason 2x drives where showing offline.

The issue is EXSI 5.1 is loaded on the 2x RAID1 drives. It contains datastore1 that is accessable. There was a second datastore called "Local Disk2". VMWARE is seeing the drive and also is showing that it contains a vmfs file system. But is is not mountable. Scanning using VMFS recovery software I can see the .vmdk disk files. Please see below screenshots and logs. Maybe someone can be of assistance.





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as you can see on the pict. esxi02, you are missing ranges.

So I think, your raid5 is faulty now, as you wrote 2 disks were offline.

The question here is, can you try to rebuild your raid5, but the chance to get it back is very small.



Christian Z.

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Check the hardware log for controller or disk errors.

Most controller brands provide a utility for configuration and management. DELL controllers can use VMware PERCCLI Utility For All PERC Controllers.

If your server is DELL , you installed the VMware vSphere with the DELL custom image?
Log into the ESXI via SSH connection and check if you have the following directory /opt/lsi/perccli

If your controller is a Dell controller you can get the utility and install it.



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Do NOT try to rebuild any arrays !!!!
Instead read exiting data via UFSexplorer and not Diskinternals and report results.


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