Adaptec arcconf raid monitor no longer working with Esxi 6.0?

After upgrading to esxi 6.0, the Adaptec disk monitoring no longer works. I tried removing and reinstalling both arc-cim-provider and arcconf . The esxcli software vib list commands are shown below.

esxcli software vib list | grep aacraid

scsi-aacraid   VMwareCertified     2015-03-16

esxcli software vib list | grep arc

arc-cim-provider               1.07-21229                             Adaptec   VMwareAccepted      2015-04-20

arcconf                        1.07-21229                             Adaptec   PartnerSupported    2015-04-20

This is teh command I have always used:

"C:\Program Files\Adaptec\maxView Storage Manager\arcconf" getconfig 1

But now I get this as a result:

Invalid controller number.

Controllers found: 0

Any ideas?



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