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Early Access: Scaling Up and Scaling Out VMware Validated Design

As many of you may know, we opened this Early Access sub-community to provide you an opportunity to download and discuss pre-released design materials for the VMware Validated Designs. We want you discover the latest content for blueprints that are in development and learn about the direction of the next generation architectures.

Today the VMware Validated Design team is pleased to make the latest Early Access document available. Scaling Up and Scaling Out provides guidelines to extend the supported number of managed tenant workloads in an SDDC.

This documentation defines the initial scalability limits of the current architecture of VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center. You can follow the options to grow the existing design to support scale maximums that are supported by products included in VMware Validated Design.

As always we value your feedback, post it here and we'll take it into consideration for the GA release.

Mike Brown, VCDX² (DCV & NV)
Senior Staff Architect
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