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Unable to resize disks using VMware Converter

I am attempting to use Vmware converter

to resize virtual machine hard drives. The goal is to both increase

the size of the virtual hard disk, and the partition in the guest

operating system.

I am choosing the “convert machine”

option, and toward the end of the process in the “Data to Copy”

section, clicking edit.

In the “Data copy type” field,

there are two options in the drop down list:

1. “Copy all disks and maintain layout”

2. “select volumes to copy”

For some virtual machines, when I

choose “select volumes to copy” I can then specify the “target

size” and make it larger than the source size – no problem

But for other virtual machines, the

“select volumes to copy” option does not appear in the dropdown,

and as a result I cannot tell it to resize the disk in the “target

size field.

It seems not to be working on the Linux

machines in particular. So far the Windows machines I've tried

seemed OK. Can Linux VM disks not be resized and this only works on

Windows? Is there something else that could be the problem?

Thanks for your ideas

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It seems not to be working on the Linux machines in particular.

Read the manual. Linux drives cannot be resized DURING conversion. The reason for this is because, Linux will be unbootable if you change the parameters between boots. So they removed the ability so you can't mess things up in the process.



, Linux having diffrent file system if u going to change that one then u should apply or change the size of that particular volume or Parameter. u check out in linux Command.