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Ports to be opened for P2V

Hi folks,

Have a question on ports required to P2V a server to vCenter server cluster (not directly to ESXi host) with the standalone converter tool installed directly on the source.

Do I need to open the firewall ports from source to vCenter cluster IP or to the individual vCenter servers and to all ESXi hosts in the HA cluster as well ?

Source machine with Standalone Converter Installed ==>> Destination vCenter Server Cluster

from Source machine TCP 443 undirectional to vCenter cluster IP for vCenter communications.....and to individual vCenter servers in the vcenter cluster and all ESXi hosts??

from source machine TCP 902 unidirectional to vCenter server cluster IP for cloning process.....and to individual vCenter servers in the vcenter cluster and all ESXi hosts??

Thank you for your help in advance!!!

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From KB article: VMware KB: Required VMware vCenter Converter 4.x/5.x ports

Source: computer

Destination: ESX/ESXi

TCP Ports: 443, 902

Note: If the conversion destination is vCenter Server, only port 902 is required from the source to the ESX/ESXi hosts.

Then, since your destination is vCenter, you will need port 443 between source and vCenter and port 902 between source and ESXi host... about if need port 902 for all host, if your cluster have DRS enabled, disable DRS and point the P2V to a specific host and after the conversion finish, enable DRS again... if you don't want disable DRS, you will need open por 902 to all host in the cluster.


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Thank you Richardson! Appreciate your response, this is exactly what I needed to know Smiley Happy

I can telnet to port 443 using the vCenter server cluster IP and telnet to port 902 to one of the hosts in the cluster works as well. Now, only need to check if 902 is opened to all hosts or gotta see if disabling DRS is an option :smileycool:

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