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Hot-cloning database server

I've dug up a few old threads and have some thoughts, but wanted to get some fresh perspectives as well. I know this really should be avoided when possible, but have people had any luck with hot-cloning an oracle server and then just restoring good backups of the database to the target VM? Obviously the database comes over corrupted, but what about the services and am I missing anything else?

The process basically looks like:

Hot clone (leave source online, target with NIC disconnected)> upload database backup to target VM > attempt to attach > assume if it attaches, there's a reasonable chance of success > take application offline > take differential of database > shutdown source > restore differential of database > plug in NIC of target VM> bring app online

I've had decent luck trying this with SQL, but don't really have experience trying this with oracle. Any thoughts are appreciated-

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I attempted a hot clone of an Oracle db server like you described, and there were numerous problems with it. It was not worth the time it would take to fix it, or at least that is what I was told. Another attempt with all of the Oracle services stopped yielded the expected result. Your mileage may vary, and it might be worth a try just to see but I would recommend the services stopped approach.

Good Luck!

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I have converted some Oracle Servers using vCenter Converter. The Hot Cloning works fine as long as the Oracle Services are stopped. If the services are running you can get some data corruption.

This recommendation apply to any transactional service, like Databases, Exchange, etc.

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