Skyline syslog error

We have a Skyline instance that keeps getting this error: This alert is about your Log Insight installation on https://myloginsight.address/

SSL Certificate Error triggered at 2022-11-26T12:15:20.450Z

Syslog client (syslogclient.address) disconnected due to a SSL handshake problem. This may be a problem with the SSL Certificate or with the Network Time Service. In order for Log Insight to accept syslog messages over SSL, a certificate that is validated by the client is required and the clocks of the systems must be in sync.

Log messages from (syslogclient.address) are not being accepted, reconfigure that system to not use SSL or see Online Help for instructions on how to install a new SSL certificate .

This message was generated by your Log Insight installation, visit the Documentation Center for more information.


I have made sure that the time is correct. Which instance does this issue need to be fixed on, the skyline instance or the syslog client?

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VMware Employee

As your post needs moving to the correct area, I have reported it to the moderators.



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