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Faulty AD Source

This is more an FYI but if anyone knows a way around it i would be great full

For some reason our AD identity source stopped synking with AD. There were no errors, Nothing in the logs, the test worked on the AD source and i could add AD groups but no users would sync into them. I logged a call and GSS could not work out why it was not working. We then created a new AD source using the same info as the faulty one and it syncs ok. Once i delete the faulty ad source all users and groups that were imported in will be deleted as well

The only problem is that i had to re add all the user groups and reapply all the permissions to them and currently have duplicated group names and users. which is fine. This is where it gets annoying and something to consider. I was on a webex with Iwan going through some SDDC dashboards and he recommended that i use a separate account. During the webex we created a local account as our lab is not configured for AD. I then when and added the dashboards to one of our production environments and used my AD account. This makes it eayser to filter on the dashboards.

The main problem i have is that the AD account i created the dashboards ( about 50) was using the AD source that is not working. Even tho i use the same user account to the same AD source details on the new source i can only administer the dashboards using the original AD source. There must be some link to the source not just the user.

What i am looking the way around is a bulk permissions change for the permissions associated with the dashboards and views. or is export and import the only way?

The FYI bit is use a local account just in case you have problems with your AD source and need to recreate it. Also a bit of a pain if you let other users create their own dashboards. Might be an idea to create a single local account for all dashboard creations.

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