Calculation of a VM type (consumption)


I'm looking for the way, through super-metric, to calculate the VM consumption type in my datacenter.

My idea is to show something like :

CPU demand average (Mhz)

RAM demand average (MB)

My problem is that if I apply the following supermetric avg(Virtual Machine: CPU Usage|Demand(MHz)) to a host, that will calculate the average of CPU demand consumption at an instant TX.

I'd like to make an average of the whole consumption points since the begining, or if it's not possible, since 30 days.

I hope my question is clear Smiley Happy

An other question, is there a documentation that describes each function usable to build super-metric ?

Thx by advance

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Your wording "since 30 days." makes me think you wan a supermetric that gathers information from a time period, not a specific data point (current). SMs cannot evaluate time periods (last 7 days, 30 days, etc) and can only calculate one time period, the last collected metric, at a time.

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