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Alistar Ales Vojtek (Alistar) Brno
Czech Republic
Virtualizing from back-end to front-end and back again. @vojtekales
anksos Anastasis Ksouzafeiris (anksos) Brno
Czech Republic
IT professional specializing in Data Center Virtualization and Operations management/engineering. dead:beef::1 blog writer/owner. @ankso
ailiev Angel ILIEV (ailiev) Brno
Czech Republic
Senior technical professional experienced in datacenter infrastructure, virtualization, automation&software development,cloud.
AramAvetisyan Aram Avetisyan (AramAvetisyan) Brno
Czech Republic
12+ years IT professional. Virtualization fan. ++#Virtualist++, vExpert, VCI, VCAP5-DCA, VCAP5-DCD, VCAP-CIA, VCP5, VCP5-DT, RHCSA, SCSA, SCNA @how2vm
saylin Aylin Sali (saylin) Brno
Czech Republic
Virtualization enthusiast , Co-founder @RuneCastBiz , ++#Virtualist++ , VCAP5 DCD/DCA @V4Virtual
Constantin Ivanov Constantin Ivanov (Constantin Ivanov) Brno
Czech Republic
vSphere automation specialist @Runecast @const_is
glivada Gica Livada (glivada) Brno
Czech Republic
Infrastructure Architect with 20+ years experience. Virtualization addict. @glivada
IRadu Ionut Radu (IRadu) Brno
Czech Republic
Virtualization, Co-founder @RuneCastBiz, VCAP5-DCA @ir_radu
ivgivanov Ivaylo Ivanov (ivgivanov) Brno
Czech Republic
VMware Engineer, VCIX @ivgivanov
zanek333 Jan Hosek (zanek333) Brno
Czech Republic
VMware Architect at IBM
marekduris Marek Duris (marekduris) Brno
Czech Republic
Manager at IBM and chairman of @duris0
Buchmaier Petr Buchmaier (Buchmaier) Brno
Czech Republic
18 years IT Pro. I specialize now in datacenter virtualization and Windows Server.
Saidm Saidmurod Mukhammadaminov (Saidm) Brno
Czech Republic
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. NSX, VirtualSAN, Backup Recovery.
Stan01 Stanimir Markov (Stan01) Brno
Czech Republic
VCDX #74, Co-founder of Runecast.Biz, VCI Mentor, contributor to TheVirtualist.Org @sferk
StanJurena Stanislav Jurena (StanJurena) Brno
Czech Republic
Virtualization Datacenter Infrastructure Architect. Recent specialization in metro-cluster solutions. @stan_jurena
N0bo Zlatko Mitev (N0bo) Brno
Czech Republic
IT professional with more than 10 years experience in the field with high focus on DataCenter and Cloud virtualization. Currently I'm virtualization Technical Lead and I have been engaged on large and scale virtualization projects across globe @N0bo_

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