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Aakash Jacob Aakash Jacob Aakash Jacob Bangalore
7 years of IT Experience from VoIP Engineer to VMware Engineer
adumbrowhp adumbrowhp Aaron Dumbrow Portland, OR
United States
20 year IT Professional Specializing in Storage and Virtualization
rash127 rash127 Abdul Rasheed Blaine, MN
United States
Fusion of Technical and Business Skills
d00dzZZ d00dzZZ Abdullah Abdullah Beirut
Capable of getting inside the data cable & seeing how those lovely packets are moving o_0. Abhilash G B Bangalore
Author | VMware vExpert | Designer - Virtualization
Abhilashhb Abhilashhb Abhilash HB Bangalore
A technology enthusiast . I am happiest when I learn new things, implement and experience them . My outlook is that one should always be curious about how things work in any field and that is what drives me most of the times to explore new things.
Adem YETIM Adem YETIM Adem Yetim Istanbul
Virtualization Architect at IBM
amalanco8 amalanco8 Agustín Malanco Ciudad de México
VMware System Engineer, virtualization aficionado, VCP3/4/5,VCAP4/5-DCA/DCD, VCP4/5-DT,VCAP5-CIA/CID, VCP5-Cloud, VCAP5-DTD
paiolfi paiolfi Aiolfi Pietro Bagnatica
12-year Virtualization & Cloud Architect.
akuftic akuftic AJ Kuftic Pittsburgh, PA
United States
Implementation Engineer specializing in VMware vSphere, Cisco UCS and EMC storage
AKumagai AKumagai Akihito Kumagai Tokyo
Systems Engineer
Engeishi Engeishi Akio Shimizu Tokyo
Systems engeneer and book authoer specializing in virtualization, service management and operation.
alanrenouf alanrenouf Alan Renouf Palo Alto, CA
United States
VMware Product Manager
piglet piglet Alaric Davies Reading, Berkshire
United Kingdom
15-year self-employed consultant specializing in VMware virtualization design and implementation
ac57846 ac57846 Alastair Cooke Tauranga
New Zealand
vBrownBag crew member, creator of AutoLab.
netsetup netsetup Alessio Carta Cagliari
10-year IT professional specializing in virtual infrastructures, networking and outdoor wireless networks.
elxaamaya elxaamaya Alex Amaya Costa Mesa, CA
United States
20 years in Technology Industry. Focus on Virtualization technology and Storage with partners such as Cisco, HP, IBM and Dell to name a few.
AlexVClarified AlexVClarified Alex Correa margate, FL
United States
i virtualize everything on my path
FaRoRMont FaRoRMont Alexander Prilepskiy Moscow
Russian Federation
I am the Leading Expert in virtualization in the company MONT and work exceptional with VMware products.
alexkid alexkid Alexander Samoylenko Saint Petersburg
Russian Federation
VM Guru founder (, 8-year virtualization professional.
AlexNware AlexNware Alexandre Arrive-Cornec Paris
Consultant EUC
A.Mikkelsen A.Mikkelsen Anders Mikkelsen Køge
vExpert & VMUGDK leader
a.p. a.p. André Pett Esslingen
Made my hobby my profession
AndreTheGiant AndreTheGiant Andrea Mauro Brescia
Infrastructure Specialist on cloud, virtualization, storage, networking and security.
Lessi001 Lessi001 Andreas Lesslhumer Schleissheim bei Wels
16 years IT experience, specialized in virtualization and server infrastructure

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