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    Changing NAT Subnet

    adrianm Novice



      I run all my VMWare instances with a standard NAT subnet - occasionally I will configure test machines to use a static address, having a common subnet across host systems means I can easily move these from one machine to another.


      I searched the forums and found the nat.conf and dhcp.conf in the VMNet8 subdir in /Library/Application Suport/VMWare Fusion/


      I edited these but could find no way to refresh the nat settings - stopping and restarting Fusion did not help so I went for a reboot of the hosts


      After a reboot the nat subnet has changed and the guest is getting the correct subnet and I can surf the internet.


      BUT if I go to a terminal and do an ifconfig vmnet8 I can still see that the mac vmnet8 is using the old subnet and is no longer acessible from the guest.


      What have I missed?