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    Ghost snapshots?

    conradsia Hot Shot

      All of my vm's report having snapshots but none of them do. Has anyone else seen this?

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          Using the SC go to the VM location /vmfs/volumes/VOLUMENAME/VMNAME and look for files that have names ending with -delta.vmdk. If even one of those exists the VM has a snapshot. If a backup fails a snapshot could exist and you do not know about it.


          You can issue


          vmware-cmd pathToVMX hassnapshot


          If the return is true then use


          vmware-cmd pathToVMX removesnapshots


          Which will remote your snapshots.


          If the return is not 'true' then you can restart the appropriate services and reconnect to VC as you are out of sync somehow.


          service mgmt-vmware restart

          service vmware-vpxa restart


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            conradsia Hot Shot

            Thanks but I tried that already. hasnapshots is null and removesnapshots says there is no snapshots to be removed. It's really strange because these are all brand new servers and fresh vm's and I haven't created a snapshot on any of them. I'm going to restart all the services to see what happens but something fsckd up. No backups are running either.


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              conradsia Hot Shot

              Restarting the vc server service cleared it up.