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    Unable to free up space on a data store

    bdorlus Novice

      I recently ran into an issue within ESX 2.5, where I’m unable to free up space on a data store.  This issue came when I accidentally cold-migrated a Cluster node which moved all the vmdk(s) to a new data store location including the cluster vmdk that were on separate data stores.  So to resolve this issue I’m trying to move the cluster vmdk(s) back to their original location but the vdf[/b] command is showing that I do not have sufficient space available, and when I ls[/b] the directory nothings there.  See below


      \[root@esx11 vmfs]# vdf -h vmhba0:0:23:10

      Filesystem            Size    Used   Avail   Use% Mounted on

      vmhba0:0:23:10  517M  407M  110M  78%    /vmfs/vmhba0:0:23:10[/b]


      \[root@esx11 vmfs]# ls -ltr /vmfs/vmhba0:0:23:10

      total 0[/b]


      Has anyone seen this issue before and/or know of a way to resolve it?