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      • 45. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
        Gehasia Lurker





        for Vaio VGN-FZ18M it's the same bios as the FZ180E ->  R0050J7



        Reg 02D3 set to 1 and ok



        • 46. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
          Nightblade Lurker





          I am using Vaio VGN-FZ11ZR



          Bios: R0050J7



          I try so set reg 02D3 with



          symcmos.exe -v2 -ucmos.txt



          but when I copy cmos with



          symcmos.exe -v2 -ln.txt



          02D3 is 0000 again.



          Does it mean that MSR is locked? How can I check this? Link to iso image in previous posts is broken.



          What if I flash R0050J7 bios with vt enabled? Can anyone upload it?






          • 47. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
            Gandelf44 Novice


            Please make sure you are performing the operation from dos, and a cold reboot in between checks.






            • 48. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
              Nightblade Lurker

              to: Gandelf44


              Thanks for answer!




              First I tried to do this from dos. Got 02D3=0001 right after update. Then, when I turn off and on, notebook not booting. Shows black screen. After that, if I turn it off and on again it boots, but with 02D3=0000 again. I suppose it restore original settings after hang during previous boot.



              But I tried to set settings from file made in windows - thats was the problem! I booted dos, saved file (noticed differencies in nearby registers), set 02D3=0001, update settings, turn it off and on, and... It works!



              Thanks you all! Now I am happy with my notebook!




              VGN-FZ11ZR, bios R0050J7, reg 02D3 - confirmed!

              • 49. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                dave_d Lurker

                Here's another one:


                VGA-TZ130N, bios R0052N7: reg 0363


                Don't set 036C - that's the "brick" bit (aka the pull-the-CMOS-battery bit)



                • 50. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                  ChrisBray Lurker


                  Anyone got a solution for the VGN-NR21(Z)






                  I bought this machine (last week) with the express purpose of using it to host 64bit VM's (Core2Duo T8100, 3gb RAM etc) and now find I can't To say I'm disappointed is an understatement



                  • 51. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                    Gary Cook Lurker

                    It's 2CD for my VGN-FZ290.


                    64 bit VM's are now running under with Linux Workstation 6 installed on Ubuntu Linux Deskop.


                    Thanks everybody for the tip. 


                    Gary Cook

                    Sixteen West Associates, S.L.

                    • 52. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                      andrea.persampieri Lurker



                      Sorry but I do not write well in English. I have read how

                      you enabled on your vt notebok sony vaio fz18m. I can not explain you

                      step by step how you did. You would be very grateful. I set 02d3 = 0001

                      but always returns to 02d3 = 0000.

                      Through endless



                      If you want I can give you my mail



                      • 53. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                        storedge_tek Lurker


                        Thanks dude!  Just changed 02CD on my VGN-FZ290 and it worked like a champ! You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!  Thanks everyone for the help!



                        Model:   VGN-FZ290 / Core2 Duo / T7700 / 2.4GHz



                        BIOS Rev:  R1120J7



                        symcmos -v2 -lcmos.sav



                        changed 02CD from 0000 to 0001  and saved



                        symcmos -v2 -ucmos.sav



                        ran secureable and it reports harware virtualization is locked ON.  SWEET!






                        • 54. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                          giampierosalvi Lurker



                          just to confirm that the register 399 works on a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ3HP/B with bios R0096N0. (I previously said it didn't but I must have made some mistakes on the way.)




                          • 55. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                            Gehasia Lurker


                            Nightblad :






                            Make sure you do EVERYTHING under DOS !



                            That means : don't dump the bios under windows then reboot under dos and put it back but :






                            Boot under Dos (freedos is ok, but be sure to not load Himem 386), dump under dos, edit under dos, and write back under dos, then cold reboot (power off/power on).



                            I had lots of problem because i was working with a dump made under windows, don't try, it won't work !



                            Also be sure to run under a light dos (be aware with the freedos bootcd to load the ntfs "module" to write the dump on your disk if you work with a ntfs partition)






                            Good luck !



                            • 56. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                              ordex Lurker



                              I got a Sony Vaio NR21Z with a VT capable T8100 Core2 Duo.




                              My Bios version is  R1150J9




                              How can i found the number of the register to change? I can't find the bios on the net.



                              Could it be possible that the register is the same of k with a BIOS Rev:  R1120J7??

                              • 57. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                                wep Lurker


                                same model as ChrisBray and ordex

                                sony vaio nr21z bios R1150J9



                                i have tried 027F and 0399 without success.



                                any news or technique to get the good bios key are welcome.



                                • 58. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                                  wep Lurker

                                  nr21z bios R1150J9


                                  magic key 02D0 found

                                  • 59. Re: VT support for Sony Vaio
                                    ordex Lurker


                                    Thank's very much!!!






                                    I'll try it on sunday afternoon.






                                    Thank you again!



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