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    VMware / Linux - Resizing root partition

    Luciano Patrao Hot Shot



      In my root partition i have no free space, ad my vmware center is giving some errors on the host.


      I have check the free space on the linux(df -h) and in my root( / ) partition i have 5Gb Partition and 5Gb use and 0 free space


      Now how can i resize this partition? In my VMware Server i have a local storage with 60Gb(is where i save my VM configuration files)


      Is it possible to use some of that Local Storage to resize the root partition?


      Thank You



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          beckmana Enthusiast



          are the root partition on lvm ?



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            soleblazer Hot Shot

            It is not possible (without much effort) to do this.  I wish they had included lvm support, but they did not.


            When you do a df -h , do you see seperate partitions for /var , /usr, etc?


            If /var is not a seperate partition, you may be able to clean up alot of files there.  As always proceed with care and only delete log files that are old and after you have looked at them.

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              Luciano Patrao Hot Shot



              Yes i have deleted some log files and now have a 3% free space


              But after more partition analise, e see that i have copy some Windows 2003 Image to this partition(to use on new VM). That ISO was on the wrong place.


              So i move to the storage and now i have a 40% free space


              But this partition will rise some day, and then i think the problem will happen again.


              Like you i think that lvm support maybe add on the last version.


              Thank you for the help



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                Texiwill Guru
                vExpertUser Moderators



                Do you have a separate /var and /var/log partitions. If you do not then you need to remove more things.


                /var/core contains core files, you can remove these.


                If you have no server problems besides free space:


                /var/log/*.\[2-9] are log files that are safe to delete. I always like to keep at least 1 rotated log.

                /var/log/vmware/*.\[2-9] are also safe to delete.


                I do the following:


                du -sh /


                Which will print out the sizes used by all directories under slash.


                Can you tell us your file system partitions? 'grep ext3 /etc/fstab' would help.


                Best regards,


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                  Luciano Patrao Hot Shot



                  After i move the ISO files this is the partitions


                  df -h


                  Filesystem            Size    Used   Avail    Use% Mounted on

                  /dev/sdc2              4.9G    1.7G    3.0G     36% /

                  /dev/sdc1              99M     32M     63M     34% /boot

                  none                    131M        0    131M      0% /dev/shm

                  /dev/sdc6             2.0G      41M    1.8G      3% /var/log

                  /dev/cdrom          437M    437M       0    100% /mnt/cdrom



                  df -h sh /


                  Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

                  /dev/sdc2             4.9G  1.7G  3.0G  36% /


                  Using grep ext3 /etc/fstab


                  UUID=4dbacf45-2cbf-4ee4-b238-71d62e0833cf /                       ext3    defaults        1 1

                  UUID=a4fc6124-a8fa-450d-b642-c1d5158aea54 /boot                   ext3    defaults        1 2

                  UUID=638ab1c1-20e4-4518-a08c-08718d376863 /var/log                ext3    defaults        1 2