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    Where do I run vcbMounter for local backups?

    taylorb Expert

      Trying to backup local VMs from the console command line.  This is for the stuff not on my SAN.   I follow the vmware docs where it says to use vcbMounter (here: http://pubs.vmware.com/vi301/backup/vm_bug_appA.7.5.html).When I try to run vcbMounter from the console, it says command not found.  I can't find the vcbMounter executable anywhere on my ESX 3.0.1 host.   I DO have vcbMouter on my VCB server, but it doesn't like the syntax that VMware says to use.  Plus with the syntax VMware shows, it would seem like they want you to run it on the console.  So any ideas?  Basically I just want to back up a running VM that is located on my local SAS array and then copy it to tape via TSM.  Any help would be appreciated.