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    GabrielM Enthusiast



      I tried reporting this using the Vmware Support Request system but I'm seeing this error message: "

      'Account' is a required field. Please enter a value for the field. (SBL-DAT-00498)"


      "If I open a file that has an accented character

      in its name from a shared folder the file name

      comes up weirdly in the application. I see the

      character and a square afterwards, as shown

      in the

      attached screenshot. The filename I'm trying

      to open contains the french "é""



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          If you copy the file so it's not on a shared folder, does it work properly?

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            GabrielM Enthusiast

            Same problem if i move the file.


            If I create a new file with the same name on my XP partition, its ok.

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              My guess is the filename encoding isn't matching what Word expects to see. If you move the one you created on XP to the shared folder, does it work? Can you create a blank, accented file on OS X and XP and attach them so the developers can figure out which encoding is problematic?

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                bgertzfield Master

                Hi Gabriel,


                This is quite interesting.  It seems that Mac OS uses Unicode Normal Form D ("decomposed") on filesystems by default.  This means that accented characters like é are actually represented as two unicode characters: one for "e", and one for "accent acute":


                From http://developer.apple.com/qa/qa2001/qa1173.html :



                Q: I'm writing a file system (VFS) plug-in for Mac OS X. How do I handle text encodings correctly?


                A: In Mac OS X's VFS API file names are, by definition, canonically decomposed Unicode, encoded using UTF-8. This raises a number of interesting issues.



                So, it appears that Windows Explorer supports decomposed Unicode in filenames, but Word does not, or its titlebar does not.


                This is a bug in Word or in the Windows code that renders titlebars, and should be reported to Microsoft.

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                  GabrielM Enthusiast

                  With the past beta some applications could not even open files with accented characters. Its not a big issue for me, I just renamed the files that are problematic.

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                    guilrom Lurker



                    I am testing Vmware fusion beta (Version 1.0 - 50460) on a macbook c2duo and I met exactly the same problem. It can also occur if there is a directory in the path (to the file) with an accentuated character in its name. In that case, the file cannot be opened and the target application returns an error looking like that :

                    " Unable to open file
                    .host\Shared Folders\inté  gration layout\screenshot.png "


                    Maybe Microsoft is to blame for something but I think this issue is partly related to VMware because there is no problem using Parallels Desktop in the exact same context (shared folders with accentuated characters in the pathname).


                    PS : I've thrown PD for unstability reasons

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                      bgertzfield Master

                      Is it Word that having the trouble?

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                        guilrom Lurker

                        Thank you for your prompt answer !


                        No, MS word is not affected (I've just checked). Up until now, I've noticed the problem using these 3 different applications :


                        \- Adobe photoshop 8

                        \- Snag It 7

                        \- UltraBackup 4


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                          GabrielM Enthusiast

                          For me I had no problems with Parallels Desktop either... its only with VMware shared folders. A lot of applications can't even open the files, and apps that can (such as Word), displays the file name strangely in the title bar.

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                            aingoppa Lurker

                            Not only in accents Fusion has problem, but also in some languages which can be Normal Form Decomposed and Composed both.




                            VMWare Fusion must normalize the filename in Mac OS X to NFC before it appears to Windows.

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                              shshjun Enthusiast

                              Not only in accents Fusion has problem, but also in some languages which can be Normal Form Decomposed and Composed both.


                              i guess this is true in general besides filenames. my itunes doesn't show info correctly for most songs when with asian characters in ID3. while it doesn't display correctly, surprising it can be searched!