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    Network Mountable? ( I swear I searched before posting)

    Build_Interns Enthusiast

      Hi guys - I'm trying to create a VMWare image using VMWare converter. I have a big server networked to a bunch of small PCs that are easily identifiable. Basically I'm trying to create an image of a PC and store it on the server (To do so, I'm remote desktoping into the server the VNCing into the PC to make the image). When asked where to save the image it asks the location and I attempted several times to connect to the main server but it does not work. It says the drive must be network mountable but I'm not 100% sure what that means.


      Both the remote machine and PC working can access the drive where I am going to save the image (This drive is on the server). Both the source machine and the VMWare converter application. Not working. Any suggestions?


      Also - I have searched the forum and could not find any applicable topics on the forum - also I googled "network mountable" plus variations so other than interpreting it from the context I'm not sure what it means - It seems it's a term created by VMware.