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    VMX Extras


      Another mini program - this one makes it easier to edit vmx files by providing a GUI for some common options:

      \* BIOS delay

      \* Show/hide prompts

      \* Paravirtualization

      \* VNC server

      \* Absolute/relative mouse

      \* Loop/power down on CLIHLT

      \* Buffered I/O

      \* USB Debugging

      \* USB HID

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          DaveP Master

          Brilliant! I just started doing something similar. Is there any chance this could be an open source project?

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            saxa Master



            the Workstation and Server users would also like to see this product; running on Windows and Linux.


            So the opensource idea is not as bad

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              RDPetruska Guru
              User ModeratorsvExpert


              I've already got the VMX Builder which allows you to edit all (or at least most) of this stuff.  And I have reports of Linux users getting it to work as well via WINE. 

              Any requests for additional parameters, send email to my support address.  And remember that some of these parameters Eric is setting are currently Fusion-only.  I keep up very well with the betas/RCs of Server, Player, and Workstation - adding new parameters, etc. basically as soon as they are available.  I had to scramble during Wks6 RC2 build, as they changed a few of the parameters and GUI locations! 

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                walterwatts Enthusiast


                This is much appreciated etung.



                However, pardon my hesitance in dl'ing and opening the .zip on my iMac without knowing what will happen.



                (I'm fairly new to OS X and while I've installed quite a few programs and understand OS X's underpinnings more than most, I'm pretty conservative)



                Will it (the VMX Extras attachment) automatically install as a menu item in Fusion or do I need to do something else?






                Thanks in advance,






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                  There is no installation - since it's a simple program, it'll run from anywhere you put it. It is also standalone and does not affect Fusion, you can even use it without Fusion installed. Uninstallation is also simple, just delete the unzipped file.



                  What the program does is parses a file ending in ".vmx" and, if you tell it to, inserts one of several preconfigured strings. You can also use it to add arbitrary settings. It's just stuff you can do yourself with a text editor, but it's here for people who don't feel comfortable doing that.

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                    Yaztromo Enthusiast


                    Any consideration for making this and your vdiskManager GUI open source?  There are a wide variety of additions and refinements I'd be willing to contribute to the code if it was available for easy modification online.









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                      todivefor Hot Shot

                      I just downloaded VMX Extras.  When I try to execute it, it does nothing.  It loads in the dock, but does not open a dialogue box.  I must be doing something wrong.  Running Fusion 1.1 (62573).

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                        The UI is unpolished, and is something I'll improve in my Copious Spare Time*, you have to tell it to open the file you want to edit. In OS X, the active program is bolded in the upper left menu - when you open VMX Extras, it should become the active application (even though it doesn't have a window).



                        • - and once my hard drive gets recovered. Have you backed up today? I didn't! Oops...


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                          todivefor Hot Shot

                          Never mind.  Another dumb user error.  Just had to file|open  VMX file.

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                            todivefor Hot Shot





                            You beat by about a minute.  I bought Fusion after trialing it and Parallels.  The main reason was support like this.



                            Thank you.



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                              hollistonma Novice


                              I have the same problem with a URC remote control (MX-900).  I am running Windows XP on a MacBook Pro using Fusion (version 1.1.3 94249).  I do not use Boot Camp.  The Mac (by itself) recognizes the URC when connected to the USB port but when XP does not.  I see the solution above but I cannot locate the vmx file.  When I use spotlight to find the file (using ".vmx" as the search term), spotlight does not find any files.  What am I doing wrong and how can I find the vmx file?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.









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                                WoodyZ Guru

                                Have a look at the Virtual Machine Files section in A Beginner's Guide to VMware Fusion.

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                                  hollistonma Novice






                                  Thanks.  Made the adjustment to the confiuration file and XP now recognizes the remote control.  Remote is now programmed!






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