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    VCB Full Backup

    m_d_sella Enthusiast

      Setting up VCB for the first time.  Everything appears to be working as anticipated, using the TSM Integration Module and the appropriate commands. So, everything from a configuration standpoint is working well.


      The question I have related to the "-FullVM" command line option.  According to the VCB documentation, the VCB proxy mounts the VM files on the VCB proxy.  This appears to be the case when not using the -FullVM switch, but when using the -FullVM switch it appears to copy the files to the local disk on the proxy.  My assumption is that the VCB proxy can mount a .vdmk file remotely, but that there is no way to mount a directory on a VMFS3 volume.  Can anyone verify that this is indeed the case?


      Thanks in Advance,