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        sloan1919 Novice

        word is it doesn't work.

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          rmurken Lurker


          Ha!  You know, it's the height of irony that this thread is marked "possibly solved."  There's no "possibly" and no "solved" about it.  More like "positively unsolved."



          At any rate, as the owner of an iPod classic, I am hoping that this fix, when/if it is realized, will include my device as well.  I couldn't get my 6G classic or 5.5G to work with iTunes in a Windows guest for love or money.



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            morphic Lurker


            The Linux / VMware / iPhone integration has been painful. I recently replaced VMware Workstation with Server ... similar problems. Here's a link to a post about my experience and how far I got:




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              cdunham Novice

              My wife asked me for a laptop for Christmas, so I bought her a MacBook. Now I sync from there, problem solved.


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                gwilli2 Novice

                I am looking forward to seeing a fix for this issue. I have a Touch that I'd sorely like to sync to an XP guest machine (I run Ubuntu 7.10). I have Workstation 5, and I'm planning to upgrade to 6, but it's tempting to go look at other solutions at this point. I should know fairly soon if Parallels Workstation will sync - it looks like Virtualbox has it's problems with this too. I have not tried anything else yet, however.

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                  philly_guy Novice


                  The rumor goin' round town is that the USB subsystem in the Linux kernel has issues that has to be worked around... which could explain why both VirtualBox, Xen and VMware all flake out with the iPhone.



                  Seems odd, but I wonder if it has anything to do with USB devices that support LUNs, which I suspect the iPhone does.   How else could you produce a USB device that appears to the computer as a digital camera, but then also have an IFS that's mountable?   Multiple channels, duh... a USB feature that is rarely used .



                  I haven't heard anybody using FreeBSD (win4bsd) to try to sync to the iPhone with that to see if it works, although I'm scared of what I would lose in order to move off Linux and on to FreeBSD, and I'm not even certain how reliable win4bsd actually is... whether it can run some of my strange Windows apps.   Most of the popular open source Linux apps are on BSD, especially compiz and evolution, but I'm a heavy Linux user with lots of apps... I'm sure I'll lose something just to try.   I'm not 100% positive that all my Linux binaries will execute on FreeBSD either... like all the hundreds of .so that I got.






                  If the Linux kernel is the reason why iPhone support is non-existent, then maybe the issue isn't there when running FreeBSD which has a different USB subsystem than Linux?   Wish I had the time to try. 



                  No matter what system I have, I would have to keep Windows around.  I do some development with SAP NetWeaver, which is basically Eclipse plus a TON (and I mean a TON) of custom plugins which SAP hooks on to Eclipse.  I could move all that to a server at work and rdesktop into work and use it from there, perhaps.   I also use stamps.com (Windows only) and the occasional need to use IE to check website compatibility--I have no need for Windows.  IES4Linux does get IE to come up under WINE for me, but (surprise) the fonts are all askew so rendering is not realistic to what IE actually looks like on a normal Windows box.  DHTML+Javascript is also painfully slow under WINE (try Googlemaps with it).   Gotta keep a virtual environment around in any case.  






                  My native Windows environment is gone.   I deleted it to get some hard drive space.   I last booted natively sometime back in October.     So now I can't even sync my iPhone at all anymore.   I buy music on the iPhone itself, so I have no iTunes installed anywhere.   I can borrow a laptop in case I get a critical iPhone update I need to apply.






                  In the Mac world, Parallels and VMware Fusion both support iPhone.   Sad, huh?






                  Maybe if George Bush would give me a huge rebate check I would actually buy a high-end Mac system, but I can't.   I'll have to settle with my high end PC. 






                  VMware... you use to update the host on almost a bi-weekly basis.   Now it's been months since a patch.   Are we gonna see a patch come down for the iPhone anytime soon???



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                    nate.sammons Novice

                    Well, we're creeping up on 8 months for this thread.... any news from VMWare?  I assume the gaping void is still not responding.  Great product support guys!  Wooo!

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                      at165db Novice

                      So here is what I finally did...

                      Bought a Mac Book Pro.

                      I will say, VMWare Fusion is pretty slick, but I'm tempted to buy parallels instead :-P

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                        at165db Novice

                        yeah.. so I'm running parallels.

                        Good luck to everyone else.

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                          nate.sammons Novice

                          Are you able to run Linux as the host, XP as the guest and sync the iPhone?  If so, please let us know what Linux distro, etc.   Thanks!

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                            at165db Novice

                            No.  I run Mac OSX as the host, and XP as a guest via VM's Mac competitor.  Parallels only runs on a Mac.  I gave up on vmware.

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                              StLedger Lurker


                              I just want to add my name on this very long discussion. I also have this problem and am awaiting anxiously for a fix from VMWare. I don't have the luxury right now of being able to change hardware/OS so VMWare it is for me. Unbelievable that this problem is ongoing after such a long time.



                              Come on VMWare.. get the finger out !



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                                KevinG Guru

                                Use VMware Workstation 6.0.3 with your iPhone

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                                  at165db Novice

                                  wow! Awesome. I'll give it a try today.


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                                    at165db Novice

                                    Looks like it works.