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        I hope no one minds my reviving an old thread, but I don't find a small piece of fairly critical information for completing the cloning process.  Changing the Display name in the .vmx file does change the Name shown in the title bar but it does NOT change the Name displayed in the 'Library List Dialog'.  I also note that I find there are at least 2 ways to simply copy the machine where one of the ways does change the name displayed in the Library list and the other does not.



        Way #1: One can create a new Folder and name it with whatever name you like, but it would be wise to make it the name you want to assign to the new copy.  Then copy all of the files from the original machine into this folder.  Then to open the machine you have to go into the folder and click open the .vmx file and it will appear in the Library list BUT under its OLD NAME.  Editing the Display name will NOT affect this.



        Way #2:  Vmware apparently uses a hidden extension to make the Folder that contains the Virtual Machine files behave like a package of sorts.  The extension is .vmwarev.  If you simply add this extension to the Folder name you created in Way #1 the Folder icon will disappear and the icon for a VM will replace it.  Only by opening a Terminal window and looking at the listing can you determine that it is still really a folder (Directory in Linux terms).  HOWEVER, if you now open the Virtual Machine the listing in the Library list WILL be the correct name (with or without the .vmwarevm extension depending on whether you have chosen to Hide Extensions in the Info dialog.



        I have not tried to Globally Replace all the names in the .vmx file and conform the File names manually as that is a bit of work, but i would appreciate a VMware rep weighing in on the ramifications, if any, of these techniques I have listed and what might be right or wrong with them.  I'd also like to know if there is a simple way to change the Library Listing name without making the Folder into a package since I'd like to keep the machines in conventional Folder trees (you can't, or at least I don't know how to, navigate to the .vmx files in the Finder when the Parent folder is in 'Package' form with the .vmwarevm extension.



        Please enlighten further and thanks in advance



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          To change the name of the Library listing, just rename the .vmwarevm bundle (for most cases this should work, but the Library can also list .vmx files - in that case, which sounds like what you want, you would want to change the name of the .vmx config file instead). You can get inside a bundle from the Finder by ctrl-clicking it and selecting "Show Package Contents" - see A Beginner's Guide to VMware Fusion.

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            How do you open the vmx settings file in a text editor?


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              To open the .vmx file in Text Edit you need to right click on the .vmx file and select the “open with” in Application Window Select the “Text Edit” Application and open

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