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    Simulating a WAN

    jomccon Enthusiast

      We purchased VI3 with 2 ESX server and VirtualCenter.  My goal is to simulate a project WAN (multiple sites connected by T1's) that we have.  We'll use this VI3 lab as a test environment to try things out before they go on the project network. 


      I had assumed that the EXS server would be able to handle the routing between VLAN's, and was very disappointed when I found out this is not a normal function.  So I setup a layer 2 switch and trunked the ports for the pNIC connected to the vSwitch.  This enables talk on the same VLAN's on different ESX servers.  Then I setup a a 2003 server with 4 vNICs and installed RRAS.  This is used to route between the 4 port groups (w/ VLAN ID's) I've setup.  So all of the computers are talking to each other.


      But I haven't been able to find a way to traffic shape the links between the sites.  Has anyone tried this before?  Thanks in advance for any advice.