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    Clear the resume state from a paused VM so i can start it afresh

    jbye Lurker

      Yesterday I paused a VM image (like i do many times every day). When i came to resume it this morning, I get the following error followed by a load of instructions about creating dump files and submitting a support issue.


      Warning: the system was unable to load a page of memory; this can be caused by network problems or a failing hard disk drive.


      I have a simple request, I want to be able to take the VM image out of its paused state and force it to think it is stopped, so i can simply start it again i.e. i want to turn it off and on again. I know i will lose whatever was is memory, but that really doesnt matter. Is there anyway to force a VM to forget it is in a paused state? I tried "vmrun stop" and "vmrun reset" but it seems to want to resume the image before it can stop it. I also tried "vmrun snapshot" but the snapshot is taken in the paused state so that is no good. Are there perhaps some files i can delete, of something i can add to the VMX file?