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    How to use encrypted passwords with template deployment and customization s

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      Hello All,


      When i create a default .xml template the Administrators password will be encrypted by default. But when i use the .xml file for deploying templates i receive an error message : "the virtualcenter server is unable to decrypte passwords stored in the customization specification"


      How can is use the encrypted passwords with template deployment and  customization specification ?


      i only get template deployment functional when i modify the .xml file to use unencrypted passwords described in workaround below.



      Re: Unable to decrypt passwords in customization spec

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      I didn't update my post.


      The workaround i use is to export the customization template:


      where you can change Password01 to your needs.


      This error comes up random. On some sites it works oke and some it don't.




      after a few more tests i discovered that i have the same error with encrypted or unencrypted ;(


      who can help ?


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