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    Problem with Migrating from local datastores to iSCSI datastores

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      I have an ESX 3.0.1 server with all patches installed.


      I have 2 local datastores and 2 iSCSI datastores.


      when i migrate a virtual machine from local storage to iSCSI storage, i get a strange error message when migration is at 100% ? The same error i get when i deploy a new template (located at local storage) to an iSCSI datastore. manual copy from the console works fine ? anybody an idea or hint how to fix this problem ? (i am using the virtual iSCSI adapter)


      error message i get at 100%:

      relocate virtual machine storage --> invalid configuration for device '0'


      when i try to migrate the same virtual machine for a second time from local datastorage to iSCSI datastore i get the following error at 100%


      relocate virtual machine storage --> The specified key, name or identiefier already exists.

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          Does the virtual machine or template have any dependencies on local ISO files or floppy disk images?  Can you verify that the virtual floppy and CD-ROM are mapped to Client Device prior to cloning?


          If all else fails, "remove" the VM from inventory and try to re-add it.  If that fails, delete the .vmx and re-create the virtual machine using existing vmdk disk and try the clone again.



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            have changed floppy and cdrom to client device


            it's looks like i've got now a bit further but another error pops in..


            the virtualcenter server is unable to decrypte passwords stored in the customization specification


            is this a familiar error for you ?


            i will try to another deploy without the customization specification file...


            i post the results..


            first problem solved.. you are right about changing floppy and cdrom to client device.. thnxx for the tip..


            I also found a workaround about the encrypted password error message.. but i am stil interested how to use the encrypted passwords .. i will start a new topic for that..


            Re: Unable to decrypt passwords in customization spec

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            I didn't update my post.


            The workaround i use is to export the customization template:


            where you can change Password01 to your needs.


            This error comes up random. On some sites it works oke and some it don't.


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