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    Lower tier storage suggestions

    taylorb Expert

      So here's my setup:  We've got a nice IBM DS8100 FC SAN for our critical stuff and less critical stuff is on local SAS drives on my ESX hosts.     I'd like to enable Vmotion and other shared storage features for everything.   So I was thinking about buying a server, loading Red Hat on it and attaching a bunch of SATA 7200RPM drives to it.   Using NFS or a software initiator to attach them the ESX cluster.   Does this sound like a reasonable plan for low tier storage?   The VMs that would be on this storage are production, but have lower performance and uptime needs.  I've had 10 of them on a single Raid 5 array with 4 10k SCSI disks with no complaints, so performance shouldn't be too much of an issue.   Any other suggestions would be welcome.   Data needed is about 2 TB and budget would be under $10K.