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    StartUp/ShutDown Options

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      When creating a new VM and you choose "Custom install" and you reach the stage "Virtual Machine Account" and "Start Up Shut Down Options", what do the options mean?


      -User that Powers on the virtual machine

      -Local System Account

      -This User



      Start up shut down options

      -On Host Startup

      -On HOst Shut down

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          Well, they mean exactly what they say.


          If you want a normal interactive VM, keep the default "User that powers on the VM" option.  If you want a back-end service VM, change to either the SYSTEM account or a specific user/password account.  Then you can change the startup/shutdown options below.


          P.S.  You REALLY should read the user manuals.  Virtualization software is much more complex than a word processor or other application you typically run... the manuals really are necessary.  And 90+% of the questions you've asked here are answered in the manuals.