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    Physical to Virtual NetWare 6.5 on VMWARE Server 1.0.2 using Portlock 4.0.1

    Marekoe Lurker

      I used Portlock Storage Manager 4.0.1 to make an image of my NetWare 6.5 SP6 server to a FTP site. If I restore this to a spare server it works without any issues.


      As soon as I restore it in the virtual environment I get the error that the system fails on FATFS.NLM. To overcome this I restored the image again and started netware by using -NS -NA. It then starts for the first time and I can continue configuring the server to work under VMWARE.


      BUT as soon as the server is shutdown abruptly and is restarted Netware wants to check the local drives and abends on FATFS.NLM. Someone told me that it had to do with timing of the drivers within startup.ncf. But even with using -NS (no startup.ncf) it still abends on FATFS.NLM.


      To test I created a NetWare 6.5 server from scratch in VMWARE and after this is done I can shutdown the server abruptly and it will start without any issues. I then copied the drivers used by this server to the restored server and modified the startup.ncf but the issue remains.


      Any suggestions???????