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    Srv Event ID 2021 on xp64 host  when copying files between host and guest.

    black88mx6 Novice

      I have setup a 64XP host running server 1.03 with a single host nic running in bridged mode.  I have full IP communications between the guests and the host, but when I try to copy large files between (using network shares) I get these errors. 


      Source: Srv  Event ID: 2021


      "The server was unable to allocate a work item x times in the last 60 seconds."


      My NIC is showing 100% utilization during the copy, and there should be configurations that allow for this, (increased cache/buffers?) but I am unsure exactly what it is.  The copy does finish successfully, as this is only a warning message.  I have followed MS 317249, and it has not fixed this issue.    I have also tried what was done here;




      Any ideas?