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    iometer disk io results question

    pstover Novice

      We're attempting to do Citrix PS 4.5 on Windows 2003 sp2 on ESX 3.01.  Currently we run into extremely high context switches, processor queue length and periodically processor utilization %.  These Windows metrics/counters usually go take a marked increase at ~6-7 users and user performance dips/become sluggish.


      To get a disk i/o account of our current VM performance, I ran iometer against our base Windows 2003 sp2 VM generated from template.  I run a 50/50 read-write and 50/50 seq/random test on the VM with defaults in the test beyond that (2 KB transfer, 100% access spec, burstiness, align I/os).  I am typically getting back about 300 ios/sec, 0.6 MB/sec, 3.0 io/sec response time.  From what i've read, these numbers are slow/low.  The iometer numbers are very similar when VMDK files are moved to local SAS drives.


      The ESX host is a DL385 G1 with 4 NICs (2 for svc console/VM network, 1 for iSCSI/vmotion, 1 for demo VM network), 2 dual core CPU, 2 internal SAS drives (for ESX), using SW iscsi initiator via Cisco switch to back end NetApp 3020 VMFS volume (500 GB).


      2 questions: anything I'm missing iSCSI/infrastructure setup-wise that would help my numbers?  are my numbers low/slow?

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          davidbarclay Master

          Do you have any A/V running? Any real-time scanning would skew IOmeter results by huge amounts (i know, I accidently did it once!).



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            tompkinsb Lurker

            Very interested in how your implementaton has progresed. We are running a near identical config and are experiencing huge performance issues with Citrix. We are having to add additional Citrix VM's, now about 8, to handle a farm of 250 users. This is not what I expected. We have reduced the processors for each VM to 1 as reccommended but performance is deplorable. Any specific settings for the VM or host that would make a difference?