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    Simple Backup

    janradstaake Novice



      We are looking to implement VMware Server on some of our development servers as an alternative to MS Virtual Server.

      Everything works great, except backup..

      In MS VS we simple stop the VS services on the host, which then automatically shutdowns/saves state (depending on the setting per individual guest), than we can backup the guests,, after backup, restart the services on the host and the guest are coming up again.


      Now looking at VMware, it looks like we have to build a pre-backup script with entries for each individual guest,  where each guests resumes(or shutdowns etc) and after the backup a script for restarting the guest..


      Can't this be done automatically of is there a simple script (or better 2, one pre backup and one post backup).

      Otherwise, everytime you ad a server the script has to be altered....



      Jan Radstaake