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    Unable to sync Treo VM 6.0 Host linux Client XP

    terryxela Enthusiast

      Host: Suse 10.2

      Client: win XP

      6.0.0 build-45731


      Problem[/b]: whenever try to sync: <The specified device appears to be claimed by another driver (visor[/b]) on the host operating system which means that the device may be in use. To continue, the device will first be disconnected from its current driver.>



      1. I was able to sync one time after install VM 6.0

      2. I can sync under SuSe using PalmPilot Tool

      3. When I load the VM the PalmPilot tool is not load it. The usb is recognized by VM. I open a terminal under linux and I #rmmod visor. If I repeat the command the module is not present. Then I press the hotsync button and under VM the message indicated above shows up. Of course the visor device has been created again. I remove it as above and I try again and the same problems happens.

      4. Summary: everytime I try to hotsyn under VM it creates the /dev/visor that do not allow to hotsync. I was able to hosync one time so I am missing something very obvious


      I appreciate any help.


      Have all of you a good weekend.