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    USB 2.0 support ?

    notechyet Novice

      Hello members

      Please can someone give me a hand on this?

      This window text comes up during start up:

      "Please upgrade your virtual machine to enable high-speed USB 2.0 support for the device "Macpower Removable Disk". An attempt will be made to connect this device to the best available host controller. This may result in an undefined behavior for this device "

      Any help is very much appreciated.




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          jchamcham Hot Shot
          VMware Employees

          Did you hit this using ACE? (the macpower reference is confusing me).


          What's the virtual hardware version for the VM that you used for creating the ACE master? You can determine that by looking for the entry virtualHW.version in the .vmx or .vmxa file using any text editor.



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            It sounds like you opened a virtual machine from an earlier version of VMware Workstation or ACE, which didn't have USB 2.0 support.  We don't automatically upgrade that VM to the latest format, in case you want to continue using it with the older VMware software that created it.  If you do want to take advantage of USB 2.0 support, go to Virtual Machine->Upgrade or Change Version, and tell it to turn into a Workstation 6 VM.

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              notechyet Novice

              THANKS  A LOT MAGI!

              That worked perfect but it disconnected my network!

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                notechyet Novice


                Thanks for that!

                Connecting to Macpower is my external USB HDD.


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                  Make sure you've installed the latest VMware Tools inside your VM, after upgrading it.


                  When moving from one version of our software to another, if you want access to the latest features, you should always:

                  \- upgrade the virtual hardware, as you've already done

                  \- upgrade the VMware Tools inside the VM


                  This will get easier over time (for example, once you upgrade to the current Tools version, they will automatically upgrade themselves in the future).

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                    thehin Novice

                    Use http://www.vmware.com/download/player/


                    This has support for usb devices for vista hosts. Uninstall whatever version of vmware you have now and install this.  After that USB should work like a charm.

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                      Right, so using Player 2.0 or Workstation 6.0 you will get USB 2.0 support, but the virtual machine itself still needs to be configured with a USB 2.0 controller.  That's what this thread is about.

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                        kc8tbe Lurker

                        For those of us using vmware-player, what changes in the vmx are necessary to get usb 2.0 working? Does a particular version of vmware-tools need to be installed on the guest in order for usb 2.0 to work?



                        To answer my own question, looks like one needs to make sure the vmx has:

                        virtualHW.version = "6"

                        As opposed to a different hardware version. And also:

                        usb.present = "TRUE"

                        ehci.present = "TRUE"

                        It doesn't seem to matter whether or not vmware-tools is installed on the guest os. Hope this helps someone!

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                          pmuc Lurker

                          virtualHW.version = "6"

                          ehci.present = "TRUE"


                          This also fixes the - DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (usbuhci.sys) problem (blue screen!) experienced with Windows XP Pro as GuestOS under VMware Player 2.0 using a USB2.0 device.


                          Downgrading to VMware Player 1.0.4.x does not help (possibly because the VM USB driver will not be replaced with an older version).