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    System freezing on Virtual Server

    lzd212 Novice

      Hi, I've the latest version of VMware Server installed on WK3 Ent R2 SP2 and some VMs hosted on it and no other system/application running on it, the machine is IBM x336 (8 GB memory).

      My system (host system) frequently freezes and must be force to restarted manually, Microsoft OCA shown if it's because ATI VGA card problem and suggest to update the driver. It's already have the latest driver installed, didn't know what to do.


      Please advice.





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          bujitsu Novice



          Just as a quick starting point add the /PAE to your boot ini.



          Do you have the disk controller drivers installed from IBM?

          Is it a kernel crash? Simple test: does the caps lock stop working? Watch the caps lock light go on/off.

          Have you tried rebooting remotely using the tools from sysinternals?



          Does it still freeze if you run at "800x600". Terrible display res I know but that would isolate it, if it was indeed a video card driver issue.



          Hope this helps.



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            lzd212 Novice

            Off course the drivers already installed and the /PAE option ha been activated when the base system installed at the first time and I thought it's not related with my question because it's to make the system recognized the whole hardware memory and have no relation with my issue.


            I'm quite sure the error related with VGA because every times it happening (freezing) the OCA (Microsoft Online Crash Analysis) system always pointing to the same error (VGA driver).


            Please advice.





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              bujitsu Novice

              Sometimes OCA takes a \*best* guess. Yes, it very good at determining  the cause of a crash, but not always. Anyway if it had of been right, when you installed the latest driver the issue would have gone away! And remember you are resetting the system therefore probably missing the full dump from memory!

              Ofcourse if you want to be sure ask Microsoft to check the dump file.



              So My suggestion:



              REMOVE the video drivers.

              Change server host to "800x600"


              Does it crash?

              No-- Ask IBM for a patch for the video card driver. I see that x336 is End-Of-Life as of dec 06. So getting a driver change will depend on your support agreement with IBM: http://www-03.ibm.com/servers/eserver/xseries/cog/x336/x336aag.html



              Yes- Enable the keyboard crash sequence. When it freezes hit the kb sequence. At least it will shutdown better than "manualy resetting the box". Perhaps you will get a more complete crash dump to analyse.


              DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.


              Add DWORD value name "CrashOnCtrlScroll" with a value of 1

              To: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\i8042prt\Parameters.

              -Reset the system

              -When system freezes - Crash the system by holding Right Ctrl key & press Scroll lock twice.


              The Keyboard manual crash will only work if it is not a kernel mode crash.



              Is the system able to be ping'ed once the screen is frozen?



              More advanced diag:


              Or debug the system remotely - See MS website.

              Look at !process, !thread, !drivers while debugging.



              Hope this helps and Good luck.

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                IdeCable Novice

                How about using just straight-out VESA drivers for your video card?


                If WK3 has a VGA mode to boot on (same as W2K), then I would suggest to give it a shot as well.