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    VM Template Deployment and Static MAC

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      I am currently midstream in the migration from ESX 2.5 to VI3.  In the past I have created templates for server deployment and because of a requirement for DHCP, I have set MACs statically in the .vmx file after deploying each new VM.


      After deploying a VM from a template in 2.5, the resulting .vmx file would always revert to "automatically generated" MAC, so I just had to set to static and type in the desired MAC.  Once the VM was powered back on the change would take effect and the server would receive its DHCP-issued IP.


      After deploying a VM from a template in VI3, the resulting .vmx file contains the static MAC setting as well as the MAC address of the clone used to create the template.  I am able to change the MAC in the .vmx file, but upon powering on the VM, the MAC always reverts back to the original from the clone.  I have found a work-around:  After I deploy from the template, I remove the VM from inventory.  I then make the changes to the .vmx file and re-register the VM.  This has worked in all cases so far, but adds a few extra steps into the deployment process.


      Has anyone seen similar behavior or does anyone know of something that I may be overlooking?


      Thanks in advance.

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          I have just seen my first instance today where the process of removing the VM from inventory, changing the MAC, and re-adding it to the inventory did not correct the static MAC issue.


          Why is it that after changing the MAC in the .vmx file and verifying that the change was present after saving the file (opened the file a second time), the VM reverts back to the original static MAC.  This fault was not present in the 2.5.x version and is greatly hindering VM deployment in our new VI3 platform.