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    New Patches


      Looks like Engineering will have a url=http://www.vmware.com/download/vi/vi3_patches.html#c4310 Present /urlfor us in the morning.

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          HeadBlend Enthusiast

          Well bugger.  I was just finishing the patching of our last server.....


          Thanks Brian.

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            esiebert7625 Guru

            Unfortunately that is not the present VMware admins have been hoping for. A overhaul of the whole ESX patching process would have been a much nicer present.

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              bister Expert

              I still hope the next VC update brings some sort of patch management for ESX...

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                cperdereau Enthusiast

                lol, the patch list is already updated but no files


                ESX-4825991 Patch | 05/15/07 | Critical Patch

                ESX-5095559 Patch | 05/15/07 | Security Patch

                ESX-5140477 Patch | 05/15/07 | Security Patch

                ESX-6657345 Patch | 05/15/07 | General Patch

                ESX-6704314 Patch | 05/15/07 | Security Patch

                ESX-7281356 Patch | 05/15/07 | General Patch

                ESX-7302867 Patch | 05/15/07 | Critical Patch

                ESX-7408807 Patch | 05/15/07 | General Patch

                ESX-7557441 Patch | 05/15/07 | General Patch

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                  wally Hot Shot

                  The files are there, the documentation links just don't work yet.


                  try http://download3.vmware.com/software/vi/ESX-7557441.tgz for example and change the patch number.

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                    benny.hauk Hot Shot

                    I would recommend that it is about time for a 3.0.2 in order to simplify things a little, but honestly that would be much worse.  When we get to that point, all my VMWare Tools will be out of date which means I have to reboot every VM in my environment in order to get to the latest rev.  You think keeping up with these little patches is the problem - it's nothing compared with when a new minor rev comes out.  Those are the ones that are a pain.  I say keep the little patches coming as long as possible (or until they improve on the upgrade for minor revs).


                    Does anyone else just let the VMWare Tools version fall behind the ESX version it is installed on?  I'm not saying run 2.5 Tools on a VM running on a ESX3 host, but what about upgrading to a future 3.0.2 release, but keeping the Tools version at 3.0.1?  I do it more than I'd like to admit and haven't had issues that I'm aware of - anyone else?


                    Lastly, the risks of upgrading to the latest Tools is not negilible.  Anyone else gotten the BSOD on a VM after upgrading the VMWare Tools?  I won't hardly do it anymore without an uninstall/reinstall or without making a snapshot first - either way is incredibly time consuming, which is why I opt to not do it often times.

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                      snikt228 Enthusiast

                      The patch process is a pain, I usually don't even apply them unless they are critical and apply to my situation. I think i've only applied one or two patches since 3.0.1. It is about time for a new minor release, or major release for that (3.1?)

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                        benny.hauk Hot Shot

                        My point, though, is that as painful as patching is, upgrading to even minor revs is an even bigger pain.  To do that correctly every VM has to be rebooted (their Tools have to be upgraded).  To add to that pain:  if you've upgraded enough Tools releases, you've eventually ran into a VM that blue screened after the reboot.  It's rare, but if you do it enough you'll eventually come across it - it's not as likely when merely upgrading a minor rev, but there is a risk involved - one with a small likelihood but a large impact.  Upgrading is a much bigger pain than patch installations since some of the patches don't even require the ESX server to be rebooted.


                        I would much rather continue hand-picking the patches I require as long as possible as opposed to upgrading to a new rev.  It's the lesser of 2 evils.

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                          vilmann Enthusiast

                          A overhaul of the whole ESX

                          patching process would have been a much nicer






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                            snikt228 Enthusiast

                            From another post


                            "VMware ESX Server 3.0.1 build-44686


                            oldTools: 41412

                            newTools: 43424


                            So it looks like all VMs will need new tools installed.




                            So you have to upgrade the tools anyway for the minor patches.

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                              bister Expert

                              Yes, but VC doesn't tell that they are out-of-date....

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                                RNN Novice

                                Where can I find the tools version on a server?

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                                  esiebert7625 Guru

                                  Vmware Tools (on a VM)

                                  o     Right-click on icon inside VM

                                  o     Click on About tab – ie. “build-32039” this should match your ESX server version


                                  Vmware Tools (on a ESX Server)

                                  o     Login to service console

                                  o     Type “rpm –qa | grep VMware-esx-tools” – ie. “VMware-esx-tools-3.0.1-32039”

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                                    Rumple Master

                                    I feel like I'm running all my VM's on a Windows host since I am patching almost as much....

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