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    VMWare & PeopleSoft

    vmNewb35 Hot Shot

      We are currently running a PeopleSoft environment that is spread across a Z-series mainframe (for DB2), AIX and VM ESX (vmotion) blade centers running MS 2003 Server for crystal reports, etc.....however, this is a minor part in this environment.  We wish to make it a bigger player.


      We have researched (to some extent) and discovered that PeopleSoft supports deployment on Linux and are looking at this to reduce our TCO.  We are fully aware that PS supports Windows and SQL Server too.


      My question is this:  is anyone running PeopleSoft in a virtualized environment like VMWare and if so have there been any issues?  VMWare seems like it could be the magic bullet for us as it would allow us to quickly deliver Sandbox, QA, Test and Production environments with reduced man hours involved....however, some vendors are still espousing the "we don't support virtualization backends."


      Any thoughts, comments or direction is greatly appreciated.

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          plsqldba Novice

          I have done a lot of Psoft work in VM environments and you will save a lot of time and expense.

          I have run peoplesoft in over 100 enviroments from verion 7 -> 8.4, all using separate/shared hosts - and once I found vmware, it drastically changed the way I do things.

          Let me know if you need any other info.

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            plsqldba Novice

            One additional thought - you \*may* not want to run your PROD in a VM environment.  You probably want that on a physical host.  But for your TEST/DEV/QA or environments for upgrades/change management VM works well.

            We also put our appservers and batch/process schedulers on VM guest hosts.

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              KevinG Guru

              some vendors are still espousing the "we don't support virtualization backends."


              PeopleSoft is Oracle,and Oracle is a VMware partner. Oracle offers a VM with their database in a Linux VM. So I don't think you should have a problem with vendor support

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                vmNewb35 Hot Shot

                great news...  I agree with the idea of running the prod environment on a physical host though.  right now we run some batch and process servers on VMWare with WIN2003 as the guest.  We would like to do more with this architecture.

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                  vmNewb35 Hot Shot

                  Kevin -- very interesting.  I understand that Oracle is deploying their own version of Linux which I believe is quite similar to RHEL?!?  So, will VMWare be parterning with them as well to ensure that this version of Linux runs on ESX and is certified for PS/Oracle products?

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                    William011 Lurker

                    Hello there,

                    Should We run all default programs after creating the user profile ? Like -- Refresh SJT Class All ; Trans SJT tables

                    PeopleSoft SSO – Single Sign On Solution



                    - William.