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    Disable Console "Number of active connections has changed"

    sa@dpc Lurker

      Is there any way to disable this?  It's quite possibly the most annoying thing I've seen especially since it shows up when no one else is connected to VirtualCenter or the machine.  If VMware Tools isn't running (you're booting to linux in single user mode or from a cd) it disrupts everything by jerkily scrolling down and adding a vertical scrollbar which triggers a horizontal scrollbar and then hides your last line of text.  Oh and you can't resize the console window so you're stuck with the scrollbars until you hide the message, which will reappear shortly b/c of what is apparently a bug with the management of console connections.


      If there is no way to to hide the message, a little more effort should be put into having it display in a less disruptive fashion.