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    Improve the Help in VC

    Ken.Cline Champion

      OK, I just went looking to find the definitions of the various Roles in Virtual Center. I looked in the help index under "Permissions", "Access Permissions", "Roles", "VM Admin", "VM User", "Virtual Machine Administrator", etc. and all I found was HOW to assign the permissions, not what each one means.


      So says I "If it's not in the help system, it MUST be in the users manual" - well...I looked in the UM "Setting Access and Permissions" chapter (sounds promising, no?) - guess again, it's not there, either :O.


      I KNOW that it's defined somewhere (I've been able to find it at least once!) - it needs to be easier to find!


      Maybe a good place to put it would be behind a "Help" button on the "Add Permissions" dialog??


      NOTE: In case you couldn't tell, I found this difficulty to be bothersome