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    USB over IP

    sheetsb Hot Shot

      In this thread:  http://www.vmware.com/community/message.jspa?messageID=545754 I see reference to the products from Digi and Keyspan to attach USB dongles to VMs.  I've looked at some of the documentation for both products and I like the enhanced security features available on Keyspan's USB server. 

      Has anyone tried both of these? 

      Does Keyspan's product work with ESX VMs?

      Are there any surprises?




      Bill S.

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          acr Virtuoso

          Used a few USB Anywhere (Belkin) and Anywhere USB (Digi) with VMs and never had a problem.


          Is actually a good work arround for Apps that require links to H/W for dongles etc.. Or for FAX solutions..

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            biekee Expert

            I have succesfully installed the Keyspan USB Server and works very well.



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              Crowey Enthusiast

              Sadly it doesn't help those of us wanting to use it with Linux inside ESX.


              Anybody found anything like these USB servers that work with Linux?

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                msdutoit Lurker

                I've tried all of the USB equipment and software and found USB Over Network by fabulatech works the best.


                Check http://www.fabulatech.com/ out. There is a section called USB Over Network. Great tool for connecting VM's to USB ports.

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                  UK-ESX-User Enthusiast

                  I've used the Digi AnywhereUSB solution for virtual servers (OS: W2K3 Standard SP1) that were running on VMware Server 1.0 & ESX 2.5.2 for an oil & gas license USB dongle and it worked a treat.


                  Not bad considering the license dongles used for the industry are some of the worst to get working first time off the bat.

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                    sheetsb Hot Shot

                    I want to thank all of you for replying.  We have some immediate needs for this technology.  I've found the forum participants to be an excellent source of help and information.


                    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.


                    Bill S.

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                      sheetsb Hot Shot

                      I'm testing the Keyspan USB server and I'm having trouble getting it to work with a Multitech modem.  Did you have any problems with this?  I saw in your response that you used them for faxing so I'm very interested.


                      Bill S.

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                        Jerome Black Novice

                        I found new software tool to connect VM to USB ports. And it impressed me very much. It is USB Redirector from http://www.incentivespro.com/


                        Did anyone try it?

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                          sheetsb Hot Shot

                          I think I've seen several posts about this product and it seems to work well.  However, I need something like the Keyspan USB server that provides multiple USB ports I can assign to specific VMs.  Also, I don't want to scatter a group of USB devices across multiple systems just to present them back to the VMs.  I need a more centralized option.


                          Bill S.

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                            SteveLem Novice

                            Hi, Jerome. Unfortunately version from their homepage does not work at all. It frozen several computers where I tried to make it work. It seems the product is just released. That's why it's highly unstable yet. I also tried USB over IP program from Fabulatech as Msdutoit suggested. Really, it works like a charm. I downloaded it from http://www.usb-over-network.com

                            Thanks guys!

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                              Jerome Black Novice

                              Thanks for link. I've tried it. But it does not work for me at all. I've tested it with some Aladding Hasps but unfortunately this "charmed" program does not work with them And it also does not support Win 64Bit.


                              So, it seems currently USB Redirector from Incentives Pro is the only working solution for me. In any case thanks for your attention and advice.


                              P.S. BTW my computers were not frozen and solution works as they described on their site. And it is cheaper than USB over Ip program you advised.

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                                SteveLem Novice

                                Guys, what are advantages of using software solutions, like fabula usb over network? Or should I choose hardware box from digi? Does anybody have good experience with hardware boxes? As I know there was issues; if one user is accessing the device over network, all others must wait until users disconnects the device. Thanks.

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                                  kchawk Enthusiast

                                  Anywhere usb works very good in vm.  Once you connect to the hub from vm all devices on the hub are unavailable to other vms or pcs.  So one hub, one machine.  We are looking at the Belkin Network USB Hub Server now.  It is supposed to support connections to the individual devices attached to the hub.

                                  I can post more once we get it in to test.

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                                    sunnybal Novice

                                    Anywhere USB from Digi works good for us

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